An Intro to Ee-mah

Hi everyone! We (Jordana and Lani) are so happy you are here and we are excited to tell you about what “here” is and how it came to be.

When we launched our original project, 100 Days Of… our goal was to share 100 stories about the postpartum experience. As we met new moms and connected with the community of @100daysof, we learned a lot about how women practice self-care. Most of the mamas we spoke to were completely depleted and as we dug in further, we found that this wasn’t just a postpartum problem, moms of all stages and ages were just spent.

So, we went deeper and looked around for something we could share with our village - a space that celebrates self-care for moms. Sadly, we came up a bit empty. With most motherhood shops, the categories are almost always: pregnancy, birth, postpartum – the end. Postpartum products for mom are often baby related (the best swaddle) or healing focused (a pair of mesh underwear), but we couldn’t find anything that was just for mom. When you have a baby, the last thing you need are a million swaddles (spoiler alert: they all get poo stains on them in the end). You need items that support and celebrate your amazing goddess-ness.

With this in mind, we created the ee-mah boutique as a space to reinvigorate the mama soul. A space where moms can go for the things they need in every stage of their motherhood journey. We offer thoughtfully curated, self-care essentials sourced primarily from brands owned and operated by fellow women and moms. Whether you want to treat yourself (which we highly encourage), or you’re looking for the perfect gift for any mama in your life, there is now a destination where moms can feel completely cared for.

Every single item has been chosen by us and informed by you. All mamas complain about reheating their coffee 800 times a day so we found the best mug that keeps your bevy hot for up to 3 hours. Leggings, a mama wardrobe staple, can be a bit of a shit show so we found ones that are snug without being uncomfortable with a high waist that DON’T ride down. Because sometimes self-care means enjoying your coffee hot the first time and sometimes it means feeling good in your skin and having beautiful clothing and accessories to enhance it.

This is not about anyone else (for once). This is about YOU, mama. Welcome to ee-mah!

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