Holiday Gifting Made Simple

Let’s hear it for our teachers!

Teachers are heroes. They’ve showed up in a pandemic and made our kids a priority, and for that, we are grateful. Whether your kids are in school or you took on the job yourself, we can all agree that teachers deserve a huge thank you this year. We’ve always defaulted to generic gift cards, but this year we want to do something special, something that feels a little more personal and celebratory for the people making a huge difference in our kids’ lives.

 A little bit of bling to brighten up the holidays:

We love the Mercer Woods Wrap Bracelet because it is truly unique. We’ve never seen anything like it anywhere. What’s nice about it is that you can wear it on the daily (yes, even to class) because it’s simple, casual and goes with literally everything. And once we have a chance to wear fancy clothes again, the bracelet will hold up.

 If your favourite teacher is a bit more colourful, we are also obsessed with the Stack EM! Bracelets. The E Bracelet or the Heart Bracelet are such cute options to say thank you to your favorite educators.

 A gift they will use every day:

Teachers don’t get much of a break while at school so give them the gift of a hot coffee/ tea when they do finally get 5 minutes to themselves. Corkcicle Tumblers and Mugs keep drinks hot for 3+ hours and they are fully sealed, which means they can be tossed into their favourite bag without worrying that it will leak on homework and lesson plans.

Speaking of bags, the Bag & Bougie Tote is the PERFECT gift for a teacher who is still carrying that old knapsack. The bag is so incredibly functional and easy to wear and can hold all the gear needed in the classroom.

Shop local!

Let’s celebrate our village with something special this year. No one needs another gift from a big box company. This is truly the year to shop local and give meaningful, heart-warming gifts. Support local and support our educators who have made a huge difference to our kids by helping them stay safe in school.


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