Our Holiday Wish List


Hi guys, it's Jordana!

In my house, we celebrate holidays all December long. I love gifts that feel personal and meaningful. We are really trying to shop local and reduce our home’s carbon footprint so presents that are conscious are something I will be focusing on this holiday season. In terms of self-care, one of my New Year’s resolution is to work on my rest and sleep. I rarely sit down or have quiet time in my day and I often have terrible sleep because of my anxiety but I have some plans in place for 2021 to focus on my sleep habits and I’m in the market for products to support that change.

Check out my top picks from ee-mah.com that I’m getting to help me rest and relax.

  • Eberjey Zen Eye Mask – I’m investing in my own personal blackout blind to make sure my sleeps are not interrupted by the city lights outside my window
  • Dream Cream in the Threesome pack – I’m planning to harness the powers of cannabis to support my body and mind in feeling calmer and even.
  • Eberjey Giselle PJs – I’m a “wear your old shirt until it disintegrates” PJ person so this year, I’m focusing on pyjamas that look good and feel good on my skin.
  • Murphy and Jo. Everywoman Candle – I’m not a huge fan of scent but patchouli and vetiver are great for rest and relaxation so I plan to lean into these natural scents as part of my bedtime routine and let them help calm my busy mind.


Hi everyone, it's Lani!

By now, you’ve probably seen how much I love fitness but as a busy mom, I sometimes end up squeezing in a workout and not making time to really move mindfully. This year, I’m setting aside time in my week to work out and time in the week to practice mindful movement. I’m really enjoying my yoga practice and working with my breathing to help calm down my nervous system.

Check out my picks from ee-mah that are perfect for anyone looking for ways to help their body and mind recharge.

  • B Yoga Mat – Creating a space for movement is so important to the practice so I’m grabbing a new B Mat and making my mat into my own at-home sanctuary.
  • Half Moon Turkish Blanket – Here’s a truth about me – I often skip the rest and stretch part of a workout because I’m rushing off to the next thing. This year, I’m investing in my rest and recovery with props that can help encourage me to stay grounded and stay put after the workout.
  • Good hYOUman Leggings – Looking good while moving is really important to me. I live in yoga pants so finding ones that are supportive but also comfortable (and cute) is a win. I love these leggings because they are function first without compromising my style.
  • Corkcicle Canteen in Luxe Leopard – I’ve spent 2020 working on drinking more water and boy, have I seen the results. My skin and health have never been better and I owe it all to H2o. To thank myself, I’m getting a Corkcicle Canteen so that my water bottle matches my vibes.

We both hope you are loving our shop and we can't wait to share more with you in the new year. xoxo Jord and Lani

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