The one about being thrust into motherhood

I had to quickly jump into motherhood. He was born in the morning and my husband left that afternoon for work -  five hours after his son was born. My friend came to the hospital and just sat with me because I was a mess. I had an emergency C-Section and I had no idea what I was doing. I was in the hospital and it was like no one knew I was there. They didn’t help me, check on me or anything.

Our midwife came back later that night, but between the time of my husband leaving and the midwife coming back, it was just me, my friend and my baby.  I didn’t know how to breastfeed or what I was doing. The hospital completely fucked up and released me the next morning.

They are supposed to keep you for 24 hours after a C-Section but I guess they mixed up my surgery date, so I woke up and they told me I could go. I was alone with the baby. My husband was still at work. My doula was messaging my husband that she was really nervous about me being home all night with the baby. My husband had to be at work and he couldn’t be home. It seemed too soon to be released, but I didn’t know. I was just so happy to be in my own bed. I ended up on bedrest because I was doing too much and my belly was swelling around the incision, so the whole thing got red. The area where I had staples was also getting red because I was moving so much. I didn’t have any choice.

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