The one about marriage and Covid...

“The hardest thing for parenting in Covid-19 is that we literally have no one to help us ever. We don’t have a ton of help to begin with, but that coupled with this pandemic has been next level. My husband and I have spent 400 days together straight. We both work from home so we are together all day and our kids come home from school in the early afternoon, at which point we are all together until they go to bed. My husband is a very active parent and we have a very even partnership, which means that we also spend a lot of time together parenting. In some ways, I’m grateful because this experience has shown me how resilient our partnership is, but we need a date. We have not had a date since February of last year. We have tried to make some at-home date nights, but there is always some house chore in the background. And wearing sweat pants on your big night in really kills the vibe. I worry that it will be a long time until my husband and I get to have some real time together, maybe in jeans.”

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