The one about mom cliques...

“I’m an introvert. I had to change for my kids. I’m not the most social person. I like doing my own thing. My friends are all older and their kids are all older so I decided I have to break out of my shell if he’s going to make friends. It’s hard to put your guard down and try to make mom friends. What the hell! We’re adults! Shouldn’t everyone just be nice to everyone? But it’s not like that. So many of us feel alone or like all these moms are judgy and not approachable. We’re all grownups now, aren’t we? So why does it still feel a little high school-y? It should just be civil and kind. We don’t need to judge each other on anything. It’s interesting. I’ve noticed it can be clique-y. You just have to kind of find your own tribe. You create your own tribe.” 

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