The one about recovery

I think we are so unprepared for the slew of things that can happen during recovery. We are briefed on stitches, postpartum depression, lack of sleep etc. My journey was a blood clot, wrong medications, separate trips to emergency for myself and my baby, 10 weeks of lochia requiring ultrasounds, baby allergies to soy/cow’s milk protein, raynaud's in my breasts, low milk supply and a “leaky thyroid” that still hasn’t stabilized 6 months later. Also actively hoping I have not developed rheumatoid arthritis. Despite all of this I wonder if I would share if asked by a mom to be. Probably not unless they were direct health related questions. I suppose therein lies the problem: you can’t ask what you don’t know about and there is just so much. You can’t be expected to know half of it. I know moms who only share the bad stuff and I am not that mom but is that doing a disservice to the mamas to be?

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