The one about self-care...

“I still apologize for taking time for myself. It’s like, oh I know I’ve taken a shower today, but does anyone mind if I also just sit and do nothing for maybe 15 minutes… would that be okay? And the hilarious part is that it is okay. My family would absolutely give me time to myself if I asked for it every day - I just don’t. Something in me has been conditioned to think that asking for time to just rest and rejuvenate is greedy. If I do take time for myself, often I feel meek about it and then guilty, which is just fucking insane because I literally go 8000 miles a minute every day. And if I don’t slow down every so often, I will explode. No matter what situation you are in as a mother there is something that feels indulgent in taking care of yourself first. Your job is supposed to be taking care of everyone else, so if you have to pause and take care of yourself, you’ve failed. But that’s so backwards. You know when you’re on a plane and they tell you to secure your oxygen mask first before helping your kid? It’s like that. You need to just make sure you’re okay so that everyone else can be okay. Honestly, being a mom is just the best and most exhausting job in the world.”

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