The one about thrush

My postpartum experience with my first born was pretty uneventful aside from a RAGING case of thrush. I knew without a doubt that my newborn and I both had it so I immediately got into my clinic but my family doctor was away. I ended up with another doctor who completely dismissed my concerns and chalked it up to early breastfeeding pains. Meanwhile, my nipples were literally on fire and feeding my newborn felt like shards of glass scraping against my nipples - no biggy.

I went home feeling like I had to just “suck it up”...until the next day when I literally couldn’t nurse my son without crying in pain. I went back to the clinic and pretty much demanded to get some medication. The same doctor attempted to dismiss me again to which I explained that since HE never breast fed a day in his life, he cannot and will not dismiss my concerns over my nipples and ability to nurse my son. Long story short, I left with a prescription. Good times

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