The one about what postpartum is all about...

“Life since having a baby has been terrible. It is the biggest game changer of game changers. I was someone who was very career oriented and focused on getting ahead. My identity was very much based on being a career woman and I still have that part of myself. My natural self is a worker, a broker, a helper. But with my kids, I don't really want to help them. I know that sounds bad. I’ve been so aggravated all the time. I find it very frustrating with my kids. It was a weird reality check for me. I had no idea what was in store when I became a parent - I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck. You have all the wrong information. I thought it was about dressing your kid cute, taking fun photos, buying a cool stroller and getting your body back, but fuck all that shit. It is none of those things. Kids are going to shit through their nice clothes, and the stroller is a trash bin that gets banged up the second you use it because it weighs 4000 pounds and you have to carry it everywhere. Your body is fucked no matter what you do and most of all, those fun moments are all staged. With my first baby, I wanted to prove that I could still go out and have the same social life. I was obsessed with trying to get back into my old life. I didn’t want to admit that motherhood had affected me. I wanted to be the ‘cool’ mom but that was a total sham. I feel bad because I think that I portray that image. I think when people see me they think I’m doing it all and I have a good grasp on it. The truth is that I don’t have a good grasp on it. No one does. I’m barely sleeping, my tits are killing me all the time, I can’t figure out my breast milk situation and we are in financial debt. If it weren’t for the village of people I have around me, I wouldn't be okay. I don’t know how to do this by myself. So if you think anyone is doing it better than you, they aren’t.”

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