Midnight Paloma

Gua Sha


Ready for a deeper massage? The Rose Quartz facial Gua Sha tool works to move lymphatic fluid and flush out toxins by breaking down hardness in facial muscles helping to increase blood flow. Reduce puffiness, add energy and help your skin feel lifted and brighter. 

- Made of rose quartz crystal.
- Directions:
Step 1 - Start with forehead. Glide tool in upward motion from the eyebrows to hairline.
Step 2 - Next move to cheeks & glide in an outward motion from nose to ear.
Step 3 - Move to under-eye area with light pressure glide from inner corner under brow towards temple. Repeat.
Step 4 - Lastly, take tool on the jawline from chin and glide up to ear. Gently massage the tool at the end to help release any jaw tension.

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