Our Mission

We are a retail and storytelling destination rooted in a belief that all mothers deserve to be supported, celebrated and pampered. Our goal is to create a modern-day village where moms can connect and get the best self-care products, resources and advice. Our online boutique is filled with thoughtfully curated, luxury products just for mama. We also provide a platform for moms to share their stories about the triumphs and struggles of motherhood. This is not about anyone else (for once). This is about YOU, mama.

Our Story

ee-mah was co-founded by two mamas (and best friends) – Jordana Handler and Lani Lipson. We connected in 2015 when we were both pregnant with our first babies. As we navigated the wild world of postpartum, we realized there are so many things no one tells you about being a new mom. Having each other to share the experience in an honest and vulnerable way made the fourth trimester a lot easier to survive. We wanted to bring that support outside of our friendship, so we created a platform for moms to share their truths.

Our Village

In 2018, we interviewed 100 moms and began sharing their stories anonymously on Instagram. We spoke to so many parents who lack a support system. Back in the day, we had villages where mothers could count on each other for a helping hand. We don't live like that anymore. Now we are expected to do everything on our own, which isn't healthy or sustainable. We learned that all moms crave the kind of support that you only get from parent-to-parent. So, we invite you to help us build a village that is strong and inclusive - no bullshit or judgements allowed. Let's share our valuable experiences and our best kept secrets. Let's lift each other up in a world that often seems bent on dragging women and mothers down. Let's change the way we talk about, about motherhood, about community and about maternal mental health.

Our Boutique

We created the ee-mah boutique as a space to reinvigorate the mama soul - where moms can go for the things they need in every stage of their motherhood journey. We offer thoughtfully curated, self-care essentials sourced primarily from companies owned and operated by fellow women and moms. Whether you want to treat yourself (which we highly encourage), or you’re looking for the perfect gift for any mama in your life, there is now a destination where moms can feel completely cared for.