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We are currently accepting submissions for stories about any stage of your motherhood journey. We love hearing about both the amazing and the hard parts of being a mom. We also enjoy humour. To share your story, please read the following tips and fill out the form below.

Tips for crafting your story:

  1. Take a deep breath and give yourself space and time to get your story out. If you’re rushed or have a kid(s) climbing on you, you will not be in the mood to speak your truth, trust us.
  2. We are looking for stories that speak to how you, as a mother, navigated an experience, situation, or feeling. We don’t want a play-by-play of what happened, just a summary of the events with a focus on how they made you FEEL.
  3. A good story has a clear beginning, middle and end. Your beginning should state the topic and give a short summary of what happened. The middle should tell us about how it made you feel. The end should leave readers with something to take away from the story - consider this your opportunity to share advice or wisdom with your fellow mamas. You can talk about how the situation was resolved, what you learned or what you would do differently next time. 

The stories can be about anything, as long as they are honest and true to your experience. Here’s a few thought starters:

  • Advice: Tell us something no one ever told you about motherhood and why it’s important to share.
  • Relationships: How has motherhood affected your romantic relationship(s) in a positive or negative way? 
  • Body Image: How has your relationship with your body changed since having kids? How do you discuss the concept of body image with your kids?
  • Postpartum: What are some unexpected things that have happened in your postpartum journey? What has been your best or worst day and why? What would you tell a new mom based on what you know?
  • Self-Care: Why is it important for you to make time for self-care? Tell us about your self-care routine.
  • Support:  Tell us about your village or lack thereof. Why is it important to have a village? How have your friendships evolved since having kids?
  • Covid-19: How have your priorities as a parent changed during this time? How have your kids responded to the challenges of Covid-19?

**All Stories will be 100% anonymous. While we appreciate all submissions, we do not guarantee that all stories will be published on our page. All stories will be edited for clarity and brevity.

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